Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Mimers and I were visiting Whole Foods today when I spotted it. Big orange mums just begging to come home with us. The colors just ooze Fall to me. So after making our way down the aisles, and picking up more than we'd come in for, we then rolled on home with one in the back. She looks perfect on the porch and just made my day. That, and the fact that miss babycakes was being an angel. I have no idea why, but she's been oh so good the last couple days. It's funny, because Charlie has been giving cousin Lauren a run for her money. I say… it's about time! Just kidding, but they do seem to alternate good and bad. Must be in the their genes!


  1. I think Mimers needs to go back to her old ways so little Charlie can be good again! We cant wait to see yall Friday!