Monday, October 18, 2010

momma visit part 1

She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes… Woo-hoo, Momma came to town. And what did I do when she rolled in? Hand over the baby and zip out the door for a girls dinner. So bad, but I didn't want to cancel and she was happy to hang out and chat with the nanny. And I'm glad I went because it was a ball. Good company and good wine! With six ladies chatting it up & telling stories, the noise level rose and I found myself laughing an awful lot. Too much fun.

The next morning we headed over to the Greenville County Museum of Art for a lecture by Victoria Wyeth. The museum has a fantastic exhibit of Andrew Wyeth's work and she was the guest speaker for this years Antique Show. Let me just say, this was not your typical art history lecture where by the end you're kind of zoned out. No mam. Victoria was a spitfire. Kind of like she'd had a couple-a double espressos right in a row. Loved her. She told such heartwarming stories about her grandfather and shared very personal insight into his work. If you ever get the chance to hear her speak it's such a treat.

Then we headed upstairs to check out the antique show. Momma's dear friend Salli was one of the dealers with a booth and I fell in love with pretty much all her stuff. Her partner, Tom, created these dresses out of paper for their display. Umm… I want the little bitty one for Miriam's room! They were quite a hit.
The theme of the show was "all things South Carolina" so they had okra plants + burlap table cloths with tie-dyed indigo borders. Wouldn't those be fabulous at a party?! I want to steal that idea. It makes the burlap feel a bit more tailored.
And they set up these killer bottle trees. Bottle trees are a low-country tradition, often called "poor man's stained glass." The legend says that evil spirits are lured into the bottle and trapped until morning light can destroy them. Now I know just what to do with all those empty wine bottles.
Nearby we discovered a really beautiful christening gown. We walked around with it a bit, but I hesitated thinking it might be too small by January. Well would you believe it was scooped up by someone else by the time we walked back by?! Bummer. When ya see a good thing you should go for it. No hesitation. Lesson learned, darn it. I don't know though… Mimers neck rolls might have had a real hard time squishing into it in a few months. Now I am on the hunt!

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  1. these photos are wonderful! I want the one of the paper dress with brooches blown up and framed for Christmas. I can't wait to come around the mountain for my next visit. Love, Mum