Wednesday, October 20, 2010

momma visit part 2

Continuing with my momma's visit… We layered up the mooshkin for the cooler temps last Saturday and headed to Furman University for a hike around. We had the best time catching up and showing Miriam the beauty of Fall. It's a great campus for walking and one of the trails even continues all the way to downtown Greenville.
Feeling ready for a girls night out, we got all dressed up and went to Stellar, a wine bar I'd been wanting to try. We even went early so the baby wasn't up past her bedtime. Plus she's always perfect when we take her out. Glasses of bubbles were ordered and food was on the way. All was going rather smashingly right up until Miss Miriam decided she did NOT like this place. Did not want to be held, did not want to be in her car seat, did not want a bottle, and most certainly did not want to be quiet. Even the sacred pacifier wouldn't calm this child. Squirming and fussing and finally screaming. Ummm… check please! We got the food to go and headed home. A warm bath, pajamas, and lights out for the nugget. Maybe there's a reason people don't bring their babies to wine bars. Darn. But how can you stay mad at that face?! Simply impossible. Momma and I stayed up talking and watching bad reality tv so it was all good.
{ little crotched hat is from tweed in nashville }

We stayed home the next night as well so moms friends Salli & Tom could come for a visit. I set up a platter of every nibble in my pantry, but the star were the dried veggie chips from Whole Foods. I don't know how healthy they are, but they're seriously addictive. And you must have them with a Son of a Peach.
We were sad to see you go Momma! Please come 'round that mountain again soon.

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