Tuesday, November 30, 2010


No rest for the weary, darling. My head hit the pillow with a thud and didn't budge until eight o'clock this morning. Traveling with a baby isn't exactly relaxing. Fun indeed, but I could use a little more shut-eye. I love Thanksgiving though and maybe it's all the food and libations I partook in that has me moving slowly. What to do though when you have a spread of homemade desserts and veuve cliquot in front of you?! Indulge I did and now I must detox. My cheeks look as pudgy as Miriam's. Perhaps, I should have laid off that last piece of pie. Woops!
Everyone wanted their turn with the baby and Miss Miriam obliged. From one set of arms to the next, she smiled and squeaked, just happy as a clam. She was such a peach the whole time until right about the end. She hit her nap time. Then it was back to momma for a small melt down. Cousin Charlie looked on like, what's all the fuss about? I love how dog-gone different they are!
It was a bit of a haul home Sunday, so I sat in the back doing my best puppet show with voices to entertain the little lady. She put on quite the show herself with her "creaky door" imitation. Seriously it's her favorite thing to do. Kinda like an old door at a haunted house. Amazing and hilarious.
I loved hugging on everyone, especially little brother, but whew… it's good to be back. All snuggled in the bungalow with the rain patting down outside. Winter is here.


  1. Pretty pics! Glad you are home safe and sound!!

  2. Maybe this one is a family Christmas card picture.
    We all look pretty good don't you think?
    I am also inspired to go pick some hickory nuts
    and put them in a big glass bowl. Mums

  3. I love this! what a beautiful family...and it looks like you all had such a great time together!