Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a german meal

My husband has a thing for German food. Or maybe it's just the beer. I can't explain it, he just does. He and a close friend even celebrated their birthdays together at this kitschy German restaurant back home for a number of years. It was the kind of place with a band dressed in full garb, swigging back large mugs of beer and who made everyone in a line do the chicken dance around the place. Not my cup of tea, but pretty funny to watch. Anyway, this is not like that at all, but he discovered a German place in Greenville and was so excited to take me. The Schwaben House. Now if you go, don't be discouraged by the run down strip center that it's in. The atmosphere is a little lacking, but the food makes up for it. Plus it's an adventure!
It's basically a husband & wife plus their cook so the service was great and they explain the whole menu. I ordered the homemade dumpling filled with spinach & pork and it came with a side of German potato salad. It was so so good. And hubs ordered some sort of pot roast with dressing balls. I'm pretty sure they're not called dressing balls, but that's precisely what they tasted like so I'm sticking with that. We'll be back to sample more and next time I'm havin' me a cold one.

Umm, I just realized how odd it is I'm blogging about German food on Cinco de Mayo. Totally forgot. Guess I need to add a little salsa to my meal today!


  1. How cute is that? I have a thing for german potato salad & beer. Delicious. Hope you are having a good day!

  2. YUM! the name escaped me at the moment...but have you been to the german restaurant by titans stadium east nashville-ish?

  3. Yes, the Gerst House - it's where we have celebrated hubs bday in the past :)