Tuesday, February 9, 2010

30 and preggo

Happy birthday cousin! I was all ready to post this yesterday and totally forgot. So sorry. Happy 3-0! My goodness what a year you have had. Knocked up and right on into your early thirties. Welcome. (Let me just state that Lauren is indeed a married lady, I just think knocked up sounds better). I wonder if our little ones will have as much fun together as we have? I sure hope so, because they are in for quite a ride. Any chance you still have those spider-woman pajamas? I feel so lucky that we're about to embark on this baby journey together. Love you.



  1. Blast from the past Bon! Thanks for the b-day wishes! can't wait to see you this weekend - Cousin

  2. Oh my gosh ... both of you??? AWESOME! I've already said congrats to Buns but Lauren, congrats to you too! Great news all the way around.