Friday, February 12, 2010

share a little love

Valentine's Day. A day of love. Sigh. It's a tad silly to me, but it's still a good excuse for a date and a little somethin' from my boy. We dated for about 5 years before we got hitched and yet he's still learning. Bless his heart. He tries. I'm difficult. And picky. It's just that hubs doesn't quite get the whole flower thing. Year 1 red roses. Year 2 red roses. Year 3 red roses. And year 4… I got tulips. Finally! I was pumped. Ya see, I'm not a red roses kind of girl. I mean no offense to anyone if you like red roses! It's just like I said, I'm picky. I like roses, but yellows and peaches and pinks are more my cup of tea. And ranunculus, peonies and and tulips are even sweeter. I love something out of the ordinary. Red roses returned last year. It's ok, they were beautiful. The kicker was the card hubs gave me. He thought it was hilarious. I wanted to cry. To start it had Marge & Homer Simpson on the front. Nice. And when I opened it up, I heard Homer's voice. Even better. I was greeted with the lovely sounds of Homer saying "I'm wizzin' with the door open… And I love it." Yup. He's all mine ladies.


In hindsight it WAS pretty funny and now I can crack up about it. I actually kept the card so I can tease hubs about it. He won't live that one down for quite a while. He's mighty sweet though and I love him to the bone. He's been so supportive and excited during this time. My mood swings can be a downer and yet he's always near by to cheer me right on up. I catch him smiling at my belly too. Plus it's pretty hard to stay mad at someone with big ole' dimples like his.

Here are some love notes that are a tad more crush worthy. I hope you have a lovely Valentine's and get a lotta lovin' this weekend! xoxo

love notes2


  1. haha! i have gotten roses every year, too! i dropped a hint yesterday about how much i love tulips. we'll see if he picks up on it here on our 3rd married valentine's day - 5th overall!

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