Monday, February 1, 2010

weekend snapshots

This weekend was full of wild weather everywhere. Heard back home they got a bunch of snow. We got a bunch of ice! Hmm, which would I rather I have. It was still a thrill to wake up Saturday morning and have the ground covered in white. So beautiful and such a good excuse to stay bundled up. My Coop was slipping and sliding and ready to head right on back inside after our morning jaunt. I made pancakes. Plain, chocolate chip and blueberry. Delish and I had seconds. After camping out all morning we decided to get out in the mess for an afternoon adventure. It involved navigating the icey roads and Avatar. I wasn't all that excited, but man, this was some kind of movie! Truly amazing. Once I got over the awkward 3-D glasses I settled into my seat, noshed on some reeses pieces, and loved every second of it. Then we headed back home for a walk around the hood with buddy dog, made black eyed pea dip and cuddled up on couch the rest of the evening. It was lovely.






sweet glasses

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  1. What a sweet, wonderful blog you have here! Thanks for introducing yourself :)
    I look forward to checking back soon...