Thursday, February 4, 2010

bite nibble snack

I had the best day yesterday. The sun was finally out and I had a lunch date. It was with a potential client who had found me via this blog. Who knew that could happen?! And what a treat it was. She could not have been nicer and I loved hearing about her project. We ate ate at this really cute spot downtown called The Lazy Goat. It was delicious and had a pretty view of the river. Plus it felt rather good to get all dressed up with some heels and head to a meeting. Like a real workin' girl.

On a totally unrelated topic, I had to share these pics. Aren't they lovely? I think this packaging is so clever and eye catching. It's by the always adorable Brit, Jamie Oliver.


Pearlfisher is the company responsible for the gorgeous designs. I love all the hand drawn elements and lettering. And they're all so different and yet go together as a brand. Cool. I for one am partial to pretty packages when perusing the grocery aisles and these would win me over. Apparently they're only available in the UK for now. Harumph. Who know, maybe they'll make it across the pond to us one day.





photos via jamie + dieline

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  1. Oh! I love all those- don't you think everything must taste better since it's packaged so wonderfully?