Friday, February 5, 2010

rainy day bubbles

Rain, rain, go away. Pretty please. You make it so hard for me to go outside with Mr Cooper. His paws get wet and my boots track in mud. And you make me want to curl up in bed instead of working. At least it's Friday and hubs is on his way home from a conference. My plan is to make us a fun meal on a dreary night. We'll see what I can come up with.

So I think I've been feeling something lately. It's kind of hard to explain the sensation, but I think I felt the little nugget kicking. The last two nights as I lay in bed watching tv, I felt a bubble kind of thing. Like champagne bubbles softly popping. Mmm, I miss those kinds of bubbles. Anyway, I have no idea if these fluttery things are the bambino or just my tummy grumbling, but it feels pretty bizarre. I hope it's the baby. You go for these long periods between appointments wondering if everything is alright, so feeling a little movement is reassuring. My cousin Lauren and I keep calling each other going, "is this normal?" - "well what did your doctor say?" - "well can you believe this is happening?" …and so on. Thank goodness she is preggo too. Get on up here quick cousin, 'cause I'm ready to rub on that belly!

cuddled up
I caught my two boys cuddled up the other night… mighty cute.

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  1. definitely baby. i thought it was gas at first (tmi, sorry) but as i got further along i realized what it really was! so fun!