Friday, July 16, 2010

lucky me

Woo hoo... he's here! Cousin Lauren had her baby and they're heading home today. Big, ole ham-bone of a boy… Charles Hamilton. He's got an unbelievable amount of hair just like his momma and big strong hands that his dad hopes will help him on the field. Happy and healthy, I am thrilled.

One more thing… Normally, I am a bit apathetic when it comes to blog "giveaways". Not that I don't enter some, I just have very low expectations that I will win. Well, no more ho-hum attitude around here, 'cause check out the loot I won from Alice Lane Interiors. I even took a picture of it, because it's that cute. The contest was on one of my daily reads: flourish design + style. Yes indeed, I'm a hap-happy girl today!



  1. yay lauren!!!! and welcome to the world, charles! this is awesome- congrats and yay to all your families!! hope everyone stays happy and healthy and well-slept :) xoxo

  2. precious! tell lauren congrats! i grew up with a boy cousin almost exactly my age. it's so fun. we went to college together and always made sure we had dates to each others' formals (not with each other - just to make sure you're reading that right!) anyway, i just know these two will be such great buds!