Tuesday, May 11, 2010

weekend in pictures

Art, food and sunny weather made for a really special weekend in Greenville. We headed downtown for Artisphere which is booth after booth of various artists from around the South. Hubs and I filled up on some tacos and walked around enjoying the evening.


The rest of our weekend was spent getting ready for our temporary move back home. I had hubs hanging things and moving furniture back and fourth all afternoon. Mind you, these were things I'd been meaning to do for months. Nothing like a deadline to make things happen 'round here. Procrastinators that we are. And we had a little family picnic in the backyard on Sunday. Just us and Cooper. Sweet thing is not moving much these days, but he will still trot after a tennis ball. By gosh, he's a lab and it's in his blood. But after one or two tosses, he's down for the count. We laid on a blanket with the paper and shared a piece of cake. I even let my big white belly get a little sun. The butter bean enjoyed. I'm just sure of it.


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