Monday, May 3, 2010

rain, a market, and julep cups

Let me first start by saying… oh my goodness! Poor Nashville had some serious flooding over the weekend. Seriously folks, it's crazy looking through all the photos from the rain storm. My parents farm is pretty much underwater, though the flood is quickly subsiding. Momma said it felt like being on an island as the water kept rising. They had to evacuate the horses because the barns were quickly filling with water. Such a nightmare, but everyone is safe and sound thank goodness! Needless to say I was glued to the weather channel all weekend and feeling panicky. They showed a temporary classroom (trailer) floating down the interstate. And Miss Naomi Judd's buffalo had escaped the disaster, but were roaming around Williamson Co. somewhere. Dad said the big round hay bales from our farm had even floated down and ended up in the middle of the road. Fences destroyed, huge water troughs floated off and I can't imagine how frightening it all must have been. There will be loads and loads of cleanup and damage, but I am thankful the rain is gone! Please say a little prayer for the Tennessee folks.

During all this catastrophe back home, we were high and dry here in Greenville. Our Saturday consisted of visiting the Saturday Market on Main St. It was fabulous. Lots of vendors with delicious food and friendly faces out and about. And maybe it's because I have babies on the brain, but there were loads of little ones everywhere I turned. I found us checking out strollers. Something I've never paid attention to before. Hubs even spotted one Bob - hilarious that he now notices these things! We were standing in line for some fresh pasta when hubs struck up a conversation with a guy wearing a Keenland cap. Turns out he and his wife are really good friends with some friends ours back home. It's a small darn world I tell ya. We bought some goat cheese + pancetta raviloi and I can already attest to how delish it is. Such a simple, but lovely way to spend the morning.
main street

Even though the clouds were out and the rain had soaked the tracks, the horses were all spiffed up and looking their very best. Derby coverage was on all afternoon and we fixed up some sporty cocktails for the big race. My favorite part is when the horses are being ponied out to the track. You can see their muscles flexed and anxiety rising. We placed our bets (just us two!) and were on our feet with anticipation. It was a stunning race and I loved watching the horses galloping their hearts out. Such stunning creatures.

The cast of characters… fruit + oj + perrier for moi (kinda like this drink)
and a little brown liquor for my hubs.


  1. oh what an awesome weekend. love the pictures.

  2. Ooh that ravioli sounds amazing. Hope all is drying in Nashville!!

  3. I just feel awful about Nashville, so unexpected. looks like you had a wonderful weekend though.

  4. Wow- those mint juleps look amazing! You would love being here on Derby Day. LIke a national holiday or something. Have you ever been to the Derby? We haven't but at least this year we made it to a party. The other years we lived here we either had the birth of a child, a graduation or a wedding :). Great blog- I especially love your photos.