Thursday, May 20, 2010

lunch date

maida copy

Check out this little tub of love I got to have lunch with. Her name is Maida and I wanted to squeeze her arm & leg rolls. I'm hoping she and my punkin' will be fast friends like her momma and me. We noshed and caught up at Bonjo Java with all the hipsters. Awesome breakfast & lunch. I'm sorry, but we talked babies. A lot. Annoying I know, but this is what I'm thinking about all the time. Thank goodness for friends that can fill you in on all the down and dirty details the books don't share. Knowing your friends babies is one of the amazing treats in life.

And speaking of tubs… I polished off this tub of unbelievable ice cream last night. In fact, I've been eating on it the last 3 nights. Baby happy.

Mmmm… peonies are about to pop here!

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