Friday, May 7, 2010

baby reading

Earlier this week, while belly and I stayed behind, hubs went out to see Widespread play. I dropped him and his friends off at the show and shuttled myself on back to the bungalow. No noodling for me. I really thought hard about it, but the noise and smoke was probably not the best idea. Plus my feet have been swelling towards the end of the day. Happy with my decision, I headed back and settled in with my new stack of books. I know I said I wasn't going to go crazy reading baby books, but I caved. The truth is I was kind of excited to delve in, but soon discovered I needed to alternate between baby book and Vogue. A little glorious fashion thrown in the mix kept my brain from overheating with too much information.


Happiest Baby on the Block : a gift from a friend (hoping this helps when I have a screaming baby in my hands)

Operating Instructions : saw it on here and seems really sweet

Nuture Shock : recommended by a friend, parenting psychology - looks interesting

What to Expect - the 1st year : folks call it the Bible for babies

Don't worry. I won't overdo it on "how to" books. Just giving myself a little help since I'm so clueless. And did I mention I went to a baby class at the hospital? The breastfeeding part was particularly helpful, but gracious it was ta-tas overload. The woman giving the class was a hoot. She wanted us to take the baby dolls and "practice" nursing techniques. I felt ridiculous holding this plastic baby to my chest in front of a large group of couples. Guess I'd better get used to it considering how often I'll have a live one attached to me pretty soon.


Somehow this little fella ended up in my Amazon package as well. He's very lovable and even makes soothing sounds like a heartbeat and whales. Ahh, I'm relaxed already. Now off to enjoy some lunch with a friend on this Friday afternoon. Happy weekend.


  1. I just ordered Babywise and Happiest Baby on the Block. I better get to reading w/ my due date three weeks from today!

    I took the breastfeeding class at my local hospital---but we didn't have to practice with the dolls! Ha! :)

    I have the sleep sheep...a friend who swears by them gave me one recently as a gift!

  2. So glad I'm not the only one :) Happy reading & we should report back as to what really works. Ha!

  3. I loved the sleep sheep. I need to pull it back out. I used it a bunch for Kate but haven't used it for Rainer yet - seeing as she still pretty much sleeps on me - I'd hate to think what the Babywise folks would say about that! I didn't read HBotB, but know the basic principles and I think that guy is dead-on. I love love love Anne Lamott. Operating Instructions is a good read, but her book Traveling Mercies is one of my favorite.books.ever.period.
    ps- i hope you got to the Vogue at the bottom of the stack!

  4. OH, we got that Sheep as a baby gift when my Son was born four years ago this month, and its still in his room...its the best!!!