Thursday, May 27, 2010

pink or blue

So that we half know what we're doing when the big day arrives, hubs and I took a tour of the hospital last evening. I was less than overwhelmed, but it's sort of known as the baby hospital in town, so it's fine. No matter that it probably hasn't been updated since I was born there. Looks aren't everything. It didn't help that there was this painfully annoying couple making bad jokes the whole time. The woman had on white cargo shorts with green underwear. I mean, really? Ok, moving on from that horrible vision… the tour ended on a high note at the nursery. All the warm fuzzy feelings were restored in my body as we peered through the glass windows at all the babes. Wrapped up tight like baked potatoes. I can't believe we're going to have one of those! A girl or a boy? My instinct has said boy the whole time. And all the predictions from family and friends confirm that instinct, but what if it's a girl? My instincts have definitely been wrong before. Not that it really matters, because we will instantly love it.

A little hot potato of our very own. If we can dress it in either of these outfits I'll be a happy girl.


  1. Oh how cute!!

    I went to the doc today for my 40 week appt--- will induce next Thursday if he or she doesn't arrive before then.

    So fun that neither of us know what we are having. And I don't have a clue/feeling/inkling!!!

  2. Could those outfits be any cuter!!!!???? Such an exciting time for you both!

  3. we swore up and down ellie was a boy and well she wasn't. My Mr. thought kj was a girl, but I knew all along he was a boy. can't wait to find out what you have!