Wednesday, September 15, 2010

crafty weekend

There's nothing a visit from momma can't cure. After a small detour, she rolled into town with lots of love to share with the babe… plus some bubbly for our glasses. We visited the farmers market to pick out our supper, then hit the Indie Craft Parade. The line was long, but it was totally worth the wait because inside was the most adorable craft fair you've ever seen. Little multicolored bunting was draped from the rafters and every booth had so much thought put into it by the artists.
I even met some local "blog friends" in person. The first was Hawleywood - such a cute girl that makes fun jewelry and she knew Miriam's name! I was too busy chatting to take any pics, but I love this necklace.
Next, was Yellow Elm. She creates these felt headbands that are truly unique. I think the nugget needs this one for sure. We spent quite a bit of time wheeling around the stroller, noshing, and checking out all the budding creativity. Greenville is quite the town I tell ya. I wanted to buy so much more, but we managed to come home with plenty of loot!
Purse from Sew Few… these girls were super nice and one of them has a baby close in age so we were fast friends discussing baby sleep! Their purses are made from discontinued fabrics and are really great in person. I will definitely be borrowing this from momma.

Now that I've bought these booties, cooler weather can't come quick enough around here. I can't wait for the babe to wear them all winter long. And to top off all of this fun… oh snap! was there. I am pretty much obsessed with photobooths so my eyes got really big when I saw their set up. The first shot was horrible, but we got into our groove by no. 3 and this puppy's going in the baby book. Thanks for such a fun weekend momma and please come back soon!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! :) It's funny that you talked about Sew Few, Yellow Elm, & me because we all did a trunk show together at Talloni a few weeks ago! Love those girls, and of course I love their gorgeous wares!

  2. looks fantastically fun & some awesome finds!