Wednesday, September 22, 2010

john derian

The checkout clerk didn't get "it" at all, but by gosh I about cleared out the Greenville Target. John Derian, who I adore, took his signature decoupage work and created a line of home goods for Target. Storage bins, notebooks, trays, and dishes. To steal a line from Rachel Zoe… "I die". I can't begin to share everything I bought (because it's ridiculous), but I can tell you it's ALL somethin' special. Now the hard part is I have to decide what to keep and what to gift. I'm thinking excellent Christmas presents!


  1. Wow...I am going to look at our Target tomorrow. WOW!

  2. Our Target was cleared out! Maybe I'll go to the more redneck part of town- hopefuly they will be like your clerk, and not get it.

  3. i was so busy clearing out the Tucker for Target I didn't even make it over to the homegoods section-- probably better b/c my wallet couldn't have afforded it!