Friday, September 3, 2010

around the block


Miriam and I took a long walk the other day. Our neighborhood is mixed with cute cottages, eclectic yards, old homes, and loads of dogs. I love being able to just walk on out the door and into it all. Lawns were being mowed and the hum of the morning put the baby and I in a much calmer state. And last morning I had a bit of work to do so I went in and handed over the bambino. Hubs was still in bed, so she nuzzled in beside him on a pillow. They had a morning chat and stared at the ceiling fan. Round and round, coos and smiles until they were both sound asleep.

As you know, sleep has eluded Miss Miriam lately and I've felt like we were going backwards. So we are trying some new tactics with the little lady in the evenings and though the beginning of the week was incredibly rough, we are making progress. And it's all the result of some support. An email from Brooke, a call to Molly, my momma's reassuring voice, words of encouragement from cousin Lauren and multiple calls to Amy. Thank you sweets. Just having folks to chat with or laugh with sincerely helps and just puts things in perspective. And just to be sure, we called in reinforcements… hubbins momma. Marilyn arrived last night with arms stretched out, ready for some serious baby holding time. Makes for a very happy Friday.



  1. So glad to hear that y'all are making progress. And I can't say it enough-- each week gets better and better! Hope you have a great weekend and are able to rest! xx- Brooke

  2. enjoyed catching up with your blog today. miriam is beautiful! Hope you are having a great long weekend!