Wednesday, September 8, 2010

peach coobler

One of the things I quickly noticed after moving to Greenville, is peaches reign in S. Carolina. They're fuzzy and sweet and I can't get enough. They're good in yogurt and smoothies or just plain, but let's be honest. They're better in cobbler. I mean, who doesn't like cobbler? So we made one with peaches. Lots of butter, sugar, and peaches… mmmmm.


Peach Cobbler by Pammy

melt 1/4 stick of butter in bottom of your dish

mix :
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup self-rising flour (not plain flour like I tried the first time and failed)

pour mixture over butter

Add 2 cups fresh sliced peaches (we've also used blackberries which were amazing)
note: if your peaches aren't tasty enough - peel them into a bowl and add some sugar, a little water, and some lemon juice. It will sweeten them right on up.

top with 1 tbsp melted butter + a sprinkle of sugar.

bake at 375 for 40 min - edges should be brown and crusty.
And you must serve with vanilla ice cream.


  1. mmmm... just what I need. If I can get my hands on some good peaches this will give me something to do while I'm stuck home for a while trying to tackle this potty thing!

  2. ooh...just went to my mother-in-law's in charlotte, nc. she made peach cobbler to die for. it was worth the ten hour drive...with a toddler. that's saying something.

  3. Hi! It was so great to meet you and your mom today, and Miriam is gorgeous! I've been meaning to tell you how much I love all your designs for Tenn Hens--I've silently stalked the portfolio for a while! Hope you had fun at the Indie Craft Parade!