Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day weekend

I've got my feet propped up on the coffee table and there's a baby snoozing. There's laundry on the drying rack, clean bottles, food in the fridge, and work that's been done. Pinch me. Grandmama Marilyn swooped in with the magic touch and all is better in mi casa. She came early, she stayed late, and we are so much the better for it. We didn't want her to leave! The baby got all sorts of extra lovin' over the weekend and we even got to sneak off to the lake. I was a little nervous leaving all afternoon, but the ladies had a big time without us.

Hubs and I hopped in the car and turned up the tunes with the windows rolled down. The weather was insane yesterday. And Lake Keowee was gorgeous darling, just gorgeous. My new buddy, Kathryn, let me dip into some of her champagne fun too. Thank you dear. We didn't actually make it onto the lake (the boaters wanted to stay out longer than we could so I made us be party poopers), BUT we still had a ball by the pool with a view.


And then it was time to wrap up all the fun. Back to school for hubs and back home for Marilyn. There is power in the number three. One extra set of hands made the last few days a dream. Sigh. But… not for long! Now it's my mommas turn. She comes on Thursday and I can't wait to give her a big squeeze. Though I think she'll be squeezin miss Miriam even harder than moi!


  1. Look at little Miriam! Precious - Charlie and I miss her sooooo much! hugs and chinchin! Aunt Lorenzo

  2. So glad you're getting some help. Oh, it's just the BEST when momma comes to town!!!

  3. Good Lord, Miriam has grown a foot!!
    See ya Thursday, mums

  4. What a great post. So glad y'all had an afternoon away. And that you felt recharged after having your MIL in town. I know it was a treat.

    LOVE some peach cobbler. And Champagne. Yum.

    Miriam is precious!

  5. And you can tell that I'm scattered. I just combined two comments in one. Peach Cobbler post was the one before this one. Sorry about that!