Monday, September 27, 2010

fourteen weeks

She must have quite a view of the world up there. Perched on my shoulder, little feet dangling, fingers gripping my shirt as we head into the kitchen to start my morning coffee. We grind the beans which makes this loud buzzing sound. She pears out the window over the sink, watching the squirrels nibble and scurry away. And we wait. "Ding" and it's time to start the day. I love that she fits in the crook of my arm with one hand supporting her.  I kiss the top of her ear and rub my face on her soft head. She always smells so good.

The Mimers is really quite amazing. Yesterday she laid on the changing table for a good half hour, just talking to herself. She has her own little language of vowel sounds and hoots. Then she would crack up at whatever she'd just said. Kicking her legs and swirling her arms. I listened outside the door, thinking how cool it was. The changing table is one of her favorite spots in the house. There and our room. Above our bed hangs her bestie… the ceiling fan. She smiles and giggles as soon as we turn it on. These are all little things I'm doing my best to record. This blog is sort of that place to recollect, but I couldn't resist buying this baby book over the weekend at Nest. Just as I was about to walk out (empty handed only by sheer willpower) I spotted this book. Sweet and simple just like I like. Hopefully its illustrations will inspire me to keep jotting down all these memories.


  1. She is absolutely precious. Oh my gosh. Just beautiful.

    Collins favorite place used to be the changing table... and now--- he is rolling all of the place. Luckily I figured that out before I left him up there! :)

    Hope y'all are doing well.

  2. Love the baby book! So get busy documenting Miss Miriam's progress. Seems like just yesterday, you were on my hip.The fun keeps coming! Mums

  3. your baby is quite adorable! Oh, and the book is nice too :)