Thursday, November 11, 2010

a hoot hoot

Better late than never… I got all of Miss Miriams announcements out the door. Could've saved myself some time and ordered something cute, but nope. I had to do it myself by gosh. I'm a control freak like that. Design 'em, stuff 'em, line the envelopes, address, and stamp 'em. Whew. Those babies had a lot of love inside.


  1. Well they turned out fantastic! Nice job!

  2. I absolutely love them. How precious and special to be designed by you!

    I did Collins--- designed, printed, stuffed addresses. But I didn't line the envelopes. I am quite impressed!

    Working on Christmas cards now!

  3. love it. your hard work does not go to waste. recently a friend was at my house and said, "i couldn't live in memphis b/c i can't compete with all the cute baby announcements and invites that people send out!" i think three of the 5 things on my bulletin board were designed by you. events far in the past but i just leave them up b/c they look so good. if only she'd seen them in their packaging with your cute handwriting!

  4. Thanks yall. It helps to have a cute subject to work with. And I act like I'm complaining, but really I love any excuse for a project!

  5. i am IN LOVE with these. it it sure helps how BEAUTIFUL your sweet one is!!

    i'm definitely remembering these (and you!) for whenever the day comes i get to make such a sweet announcement!

    haivng fun catching up on your blog! xo