Thursday, November 4, 2010

fall break

It's not the most fun packing up and being in the car for six hours with a baby, but this trip was really nice. Somehow our car was packed to the ceiling even though we were only gone a few nights. Turns out Miriam is an over-packer. We drove through Asheville on that crazy, windy section of interstate. Leaves changing to bright colors and the fog rising in the mountains was picturesque. I was jacked up on coffee, but both my passengers were more in the mood for sleepy time. So I chatted to myself and just enjoyed the scenery. The nugget slept almost the entire ride which was such a blessing. Then it was straight into my momma's arms when we rolled into Pontotoc.
My folks are working on an addition which is way exciting because they've been talking about it forever. They're enclosing a porch so we can use it year round and I think it's going to be the new hang out spot.
I told Miss Mimers the last time we were here she was an itty bitty little thing. I swear that feels like light years ago. What a total haze I was in those first weeks. Now I'm almost an ole pro! We spent the weekend watching football, taking walks, attempting to nap, and visiting with friends. Such a rough life I tell ya.
Early the Donkey was one of the sites on our walk. He scurried around a bit nervous about the stroller, but he warmed up quickly and loves to give kisses over the fence. Now, are those not the biggest ears you've ever seen?! So silly and perfect for a good rub down & scratch. Momma is his favorite.
We went over to my friend Amy's house and I loved seeing everyone. Only trouble is it's hard to truly catch up with folks when you're watching a baby out of the corner of your eye. I did get to see two of my favorite little ladies though…Maida & Caroline are my friends babies and they are growing like weeds! I'm kicking myself for not getting them all in a pic, but some other time. Plus they were so on the move. Hard to believe babies grow into these walking talking little people.
There is always a constant supply of projects around the farm to keep dad busy, but we decided to have some father-daughter time. A little float around the bend just the two of us. Oh, and Mose of course. Little rascal. The water was so clear it looked like a mirror reflecting the trees and sky. We saw a few big fish and a crane, but otherwise it was beautifully quiet. I kept closing my eyes and smelling the air.
some pics… iphone style
photo 3
photo 4
Dad called this plant rabbit-tobacco. Probably not its official name, but it's dang cool.

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  1. The photographs are amazing especially the ones of the float down the river. I think you have an eye for landscapes, so start clicking some images of Greenville to share please. Love,Mums