Sunday, November 21, 2010

on the table

There's a bountiful list of meals in my head, but I've sooo been slacking in the kitchen. The other night I made turkey burgers (then realized my buns were moldy) and mac & cheese (the neon orange kind). I swear hubs could subsist on that box of kraft alone, but that's a whole 'nother subject. After work and taking care of the baby I just feel totally uninspired by the time 7 o'clock comes around. Not that I don't love a simple bowl of cereal for supper, but even that gets boring.

So this weekend I had more down time and managed to whip up a couple things. Blueberry muffins, homemade pizza (fresh dough from whole foods) and leftover pasta I made into carbonara. Spaghetti carbonara is, by the way, becoming a go to 'round here. Super easy and I always have the ingredients in the kitchen. No recipe really, just cook a bit of bacon, boil some pasta, crumble the bacon, whisk an egg + some cream/milk – add pasta to skillet with some butter + tons of fresh parmesan + the egg mix – add some frozen peas to pasta water and cook slightly – heat pasta mixture through and add bacon and peas. Don't overcook the mixture because the egg is your binder and you don't want to scramble. Voila.


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