Sunday, September 6, 2009

a new fan

Orange seems to be our family color. I went to Auburn (orange + blue) husband went to Tennessee (orange + white) brother went to Texas (burnt orange + white) and now husband is at Clemson (orange + purple). Hmmm... seems to be a trend that I cannot escape.

Yesterday was the start of college football, and I don't think husband could've been more excited. He was camped out in front of espn all morning until we set off for our first Clemson game. We arrived on campus and true to Southern form, there were huge spreads of food: roasting pigs, burgers & dogs, chips, dips, cooler after cooler of cold beer and even a "lowcountry boil." Croakies, polos, boat shoes and summer dresses. It was kind of like old times, except that we were a good bit older than all the students. And of course it was scorching hot which had everyone knocking a few extras back. We sat up in a box with one of Trevor's new friends and had a ball. Not bad, not bad at'all.


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