Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a walk in the park

Fall has arrived in Greenville and I sure do welcome it. Air conditioning off and all the windows open, make the breeze flowing through feel divine. So since the weather was so fabulous, me and big buddy went for a stroll. I say stroll because big buddy is getting older, stiffer and slower. He surprised me though and was very frisky on this occasion... or at least frisky for him!



We decided to try somewhere new and went to Cleveland Park . There were runners, children and bikers galore. So we found a spot to park and took off through the woods on a little path. It felt so good to be outside and take a few relaxing breaths. When Coop started to drag, we turned back and made our way over a bridge. There was a huge crane right in the water so we crept as close as we could for a pic. I love cranes and their tall, skinny, delicate legs. He watched us watching him and then daintily tip toed off into the brush.


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