Saturday, September 5, 2009

peach stand


Route 25 is the way we take in to Greenville, from Asheville. It curves through the mountains and then has all these fruit & veggie stands dotted on either side. I pulled into Hog Heaven Produce on my way home and picked up some peaches & dilly beans. The dilly beans are for the game day bloodymary I'll be making tomorrow - yum!


It felt good to roll into our driveway today. I'd really missed my boy & my dog. Another treat too, because Trev's mom, Marilyn, is in town. She's staying with Pammy & Bob, and they all came by for a cocktail before hitting the town. We strolled around downtown, stopping by Soby's first for a drink and then for some heady pizza at Mellow Mushroom. Now it's my bed time as I settle back into life here in Carolina.


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