Thursday, December 17, 2009

bright lights and bluegrass


The neon lights were shining and showed us the way to some good ole comfort food. Mmm, I love the Loveless. We were having ourselves a little double date night with friends, Tricia and Robbie. We had the best time catching up and laughing a lot. I'm always so grateful for our friends and being able to pick right back up like we see each other all the time. And since miss Carol Fay was there, I knew we'd be in for a treat with her delicious biscuits. So after filling up we headed next door to the barn. It's this incredible party and venue behind the restaurant and there was a little bluegrass party going on. WSM airs this live bluegrass program and last night included some amazing acts. The best part was this 5 foot little old man clogging away up front. And when I say clogging, I mean he was going fast and hard. He kind of resembled little Jimmy Dickins - adorable! and I was a tinge jealous of those moves.


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