Monday, December 21, 2009

afternoon in the country

I sure love a good party. We didn't get invited to many soirees this year and the one I usually throw didn't happen either. Bummer. Work, babies and life just sort of got in the way this year I suppose. Oh well, it's still been a very cheery season and I'm looking forward to some good ole fashion family time this week.


We were lucky enough to get the nod on one fabulous party, Sunday. An afternoon in the country. Momma packed a picnic of cheese, crackers and mimosas for the road. It was an hour trip after all and we needed reinforcements. Dad stayed by the fire, sick with a cold, but hubs drove me, momma and Currier while we gabbed and gossiped away. We arrived as the sun finally came out and pulled into the drive, ready to stretch our legs. The hosts of the party restored an old house from the 1840s and call it Brookside. It's a federal style home in Giles County. Now, Giles Co. is where all the fox hunters ride so mom was pointing out all the various homes and trails. Beautiful countryside, but it's quite a haul.



We mingled and nibbled and I ordered a club soda + cranberry with a lime! That nog was mighty tempting though. Our host, Libby, had the most incredible spread and the country ham… well, it was simply the best I've ever tasted! Coconut cake, gingerbread men, pecan squares, fudge pie, sugar cookies, and peppermint petitfours - oh my! The men gathered by the TV in the kitchen to catch the end of the Titans game, while we took the tour. When I say this house was cool… I mean it was incredible. We all wanted to curl up and spend the night.


Our bellies were full of treats as we strolled around the garden. And this was no ordinary garden. The other half of the "hosts," Ben, is a landscape architect. He planted these mini boxwoods in scroll patterns, all just waiting to grow up when the weather warms. I can't wait to go back in a couple years and see how different it looks. That is, if we get invited back :)



Our crew rolled out with some pictures and big smiles. And Currier and I left the hosts with some little Tenn Hens "thank you" magnets (images from their birthday invitation this past summer). I think the ride home was even more wild thanks to my passengers. Somehow that just seems to happen after a few cocktails! We saw a donkey farm, deer, an owl, goats, draft horses and two mini ponies. Whew… it was like a funny farm.


Well, we're heading to Atlanta in the morning. Off to see the in laws and celebrate the season with them for a couple days. Trev's momma is quite the cook so we're in for a real treat. Then, we'll track back North to Chattanooga and see his dad's fam. It'll be a lot of driving, but we're so blessed to have all this family that want to see us! I've got a book on tape, some holiday tunes and my little gifts wrapped and ready too. I wish all of you friends a wonderful holiday and hope to return with lots of stories to share. xo

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  1. this looks like a wonderful place. sounds like a lot of fun too. have a great new years!