Tuesday, December 1, 2009

new additions

I've been waiting on this little number for months now. My grandmother was sweet enough to give me an old wing chair of theirs a few years ago. Only problem was it was pretty sad looking. The fabric was torn around the edges of the arms and let's just say it had "browned" over the years. I kept it in my bedroom for a couple years, with clothes piled on top to hide it's pitiful appearance.


Well, no more hiding. The chair got a face lift and it's so much happier. Now he just beams and kinda smiles back at me. Look how pretty he is! I found the fabric on sale in Nashville and had a little woman my mom knows, create a slip cover. I adore the sassy birds and sort of mexican style pattern. It suites my office just fine and has become a good spot to read and sip tea!



And another little nugget for my office : a hummingbird paper weight. My momma was in NY, so Christmas came a bit early for moi! Well this isn't just any ole paperweight. It's so cool and I find myself staring at it sometimes, like it's a crystal ball. That sounds weird, but I don't lie. It's by John Derian, who I now covet. I checked out their site and it is full of whimsical collages and ephemera. Kind of reminds me of some of our tenn hens designs in fact.


I especially love the petit fours wrapping paper + bird trays :