Thursday, December 31, 2009

home for the holidays

Whew! Where does the time go!? Christmas was wonderful, busy, and relaxing all at once and went by way too quickly. I already miss the twinkling lights, but the new year is coming on fast. I am trying to squeeze in some work this week and enjoy being in the office for a change.

My mom spent the day in the hospital with my grandfather today. Nothing too serious, but when you're 93 even little things can turn into big things. He lives in a pretty exceptional retirement home called Richland Place. All his friends are there. After my grandmother died last year, the women of Richland stepped in to help, offer support and sit with him at supper. Tonight a friend of moms called on behalf of her mother, who's at Richland, to find out how Dr. Cowden was doing. Apparently word was not getting back to the ladies fast enough and they were worried about him! My, there are some fine folks out there. I had lunch with him last Sunday and it's hard to explain just how many people dropped by to say hello, recall a story, or just tell me what a wonderful man he is. Like I said, it's a very special place.

I've been feeling mighty full these days. Full heart from being around family and home town for an extended stay, full belly from all the food baby + I have been consuming, and full mind from all the new projects on the horizon in the new year.

Our trip to Atlanta and Chattanooga went pretty smoothly. My only temper tantrum was when I found out hubs cd player wasn't working. I had all my little books on tape ready to go, but it had other plans. Harumph! So we were relinquished to listening to tunes and and old fashioned talkin. That worked out fine too. We made it safely to Georgia and visited with T's mother, Marilyn, and grandparents. They are truly some of the sweetest people ever. Plus, his momma sure knows how to cook! We had to hit the road early the next morning and this is what Pawpaw (his grandfather) had all set up for us...

breakfast for two

We did a little day trip to nearby Serenbe and had the best time. It's a master planned community outside of Atlanta. Amazing vision and attention to detail. I mean, everything down to the street signs and gutters and trash cans in the ground - they thought of it all. It's slow to grow but hopefully it will one day be a booming town full of folks. There is an adorable eatery called Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop where we stopped in for a warm bite.





wooden sign

Next, it was on to Chattanooga to spend some time with T's dads family. We sat down for a proper lunch of quiche and grapes and cheese slices - too funny! Oh, and wine for the others. We nibbled and visited and the boys squeezed in a little espn time. Typical. It was nice visit and his grandmomma was nice enough to send me away with a blanket she'd crotcheted. I'm afraid I didn't get the sewing gene, so this was a real treat.

And finally, it was back to Franklin to spend Christmas Eve with my family. The eating fest continued and it was nice to see cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and my grandfather. I was awfully tired, but we had a big time. Aunt Louise even made us sing the 12 Days of Christmas as a group - hilarious and off tune.

the whole fam

I awoke to the smell of breakfast casserole and beignets. It was heavenly and I was the last one up. I can't remember when we started the beignet tradition, but it's been around a while. Warm little puffy nuggets of dough, tossed in powdered sugar that you pop in your mouth. The mix is from Cafe Du Monde, in New Orleans. They're amazing really. A new addition this particular morning that I hope will return again next year… Tennessee Breakfast Casserole. I'll post the recipe later, because you will definitely be wanting to make this. After grabbing a cup of coffee, I headed into the living room to find my brother, father and husband watching Bad Santa. Really?! My brother insists on making this an annual event, even though my mother and I think it's atrocious. Men. What are ya gonna do.




After breakfast it was on to sharing gifts, stories and laughs. Carlos, who works on the farm, the jack russels and of course Mr Cooper joined in the festivities as well. Our afternoon consisted of lunging by the fire, napping and more nibbling on treats. I love when Will is home. He adds a zest to the house and we all love hearing his tales of adventure in New York. There is something so soothing about all being home. Will and Trev wanted to stay by the fire so me and the folks too the doggers for a walk about. We walked the entire farm, noticing old trees, hawks and discussing the history of what was here before. The cold air was whisking around and reminded me of how much I love this place.

dads gift



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  1. such wonderful pictures and i love the story of yall walking around the farm noticing hawks and old trees and talking history. sounds so special. happy 2010 to your whole family!! xo