Wednesday, December 2, 2009

makes me proud

I don't think about it very often, but I had a mighty good college experience. I spent four years at Auburn University and the graphic design program taught me lifelong skills. Our teachers made us do a big percentage of work off of the computer and though it didn't make me any better a drawer, it was totally invaluable. So I felt pretty proud to see an Auburn story on Design Sponge today. It's about the Rural Studio program within the architecture school.

Picture 5

I'd heard about Samuel Mockabee, but didn't know much until I read an article and later purchased his book. He started a program for the architecture students to design and build houses in impoverished Hale Co., Alabama (the same Hale County made famous by Walker Evans striking photos in the 40s). They use materials like waste cardboard bales, old license plates, and salvaged lumber. Samuel Mockabee is no longer living, but the tradition continues in a big way. He called it "contemporary modernism grounded in Southern culture."

Picture 4

The idea is very inspiring - I just wish I'd known about it while I was there. I suppose I was too busy "socializing" to pay any attention!


  1. Very cool. My Bham youth group did some work in Hale County. Love the chair, too, by the way.

  2. Love your blog too! Glad you came across Yellow Elm...thanks for visiting us :) I like this story...I was a graphic design major too :) —Elizabeth