Friday, December 11, 2009

whiskey friday


Burr, it's mighty cold here and feels like it's only getting colder. I drove back to Nashville Wednesday and feel like I know that route like the back of my hand. Just cruising along trying not to get a ticket. When I got to the the office yesterday the outside was a total wreck. Currier had warned me, but they've torn the parking lot all up to add more spaces (which we may or may not be able to use). What a hassle, but it's good to be back to Tenn Hens. I'd sure missed our little nest. The Christmas carols are on and we are brainstorming away about the future. It's almost 2010 and we have some decisions to make. In the meantime though, it's Friday, so we hit the town for a little lunch at Whiskey Kitchen. Mmmm… it was delicious and caloric! Too bad we couldn't warm up with a little whiskey, but the place is very hip and I imagine packed at night with cute musician types. Cousin Lauren joined Currier and we had the most amazing chili cheese fries. Now, I wouldn't typically rave over chili + fries, but man these were delish and the presentation really helped. They were served in an iron skillet, topped with black beans, green onions and fresh jalpalenos. Next time I'll have to take daddyo, brother and husband - the whiskey list was two pages long!



Oh and I have to share this picture - Trevor and his friends waiting outside Horizon Records to see Govt. Mule play a free show last night. Cute bunch of boys I must say!

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