Thursday, December 3, 2009

cassoulet for the cold

Gosh, I didn't think the rain would ever stop. It seriously felt like the grizzly river rampage out there and poor Coop dog was very bored. He would groan a little, get up, stretch it out, circle around and lay back down. Sigh. He hasn't been feeling quite up to par the last few days. While we were back home last week he wasn't interested in his food. Well, that right there is a sure sign of something, because this buddy loves to eat. I mean really loves to eat. He's acting a little better though and we're starting him on some meds from the vet so we'll see. Honestly, I think some of it is just his age. He's stiffer and has more trouble getting up. Poor fella is feeling the aches and pains I suppose. Today is a new day though and he's chillin in the back yard while the sun comes back out!

I guess he thought me taking his pic was extremely boring

So let me tell you about this delicious dish I made the other night. It was perfect on a crummy, cold weather night. I recently discovered the epicurious app on my iphone and I'm obsessed with it. Actually, I'm just obsessed with my iphone in general, but I digress. So, what I choose for dinner was a Vegetable Cassoulet. You may be wondering what a cassoulet is exactly (I had no idea myself) and I would say it's part stew, part soup, part casserole. Anyway it's hearty, warm and hubs loved it too.

I served it with crusty bread the first night and then served it over rice the next night. Here is the recipe veggie cassoulet. And just fyi - I cooked it all in my le creuset pot and added 2 chopped carrots + red wine, but you could almost throw anything you have in there too.


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