Sunday, July 11, 2010

franklin mercantile

Yesterday we went out to lunch. That's right. All three of us left the premises. We got dressed, packed a bag, and strapped in the car seat. Speaking of, that seat weighs about a small ton. Hopefully I'll get nice, toned arms out of hauling it around. I thought I'd ride in the front with hubs like a normal adult, but Miriam thought otherwise. Shortly into our ride, she had a meltdown. So we pulled into a parking lot and I hopped in the back to provide some support and more importantly… a pacifier. That did the trick and soon we were back on track to Franklin Mercantile. It's this cute lunch spot in downtown Franklin. We grabbed a table outside and I perched baby up on the table in front of a fan. She was out like a light and I was free to take in the scene. Ahhhh, yes. It felt a little weird to be back in the "real world," but nothin' a little pimento cheese & fruit tea couldn't cure!


We weren't sure whether to unhook the straps or not, but aired on the side of caution. As my grandfather says… "never wake a sleeping baby". So she stayed strapped in - ready for take off!



  1. she's so cute. way to get out! i asked a nurse at my ped's office if i could duct tape the paci to her face at night and on car trips. i would have thought she'd have known i was kidding but i seriously think she almost called child services on me!!

  2. love franklin! looks like you had a great visit!


    she is beautiful and it's so perfect that you get to spend the summer on the farm with extra hands to help out and give mama a break every so often.