Tuesday, July 13, 2010

rockin in the rain

Last night a huge storm rolled through. I was up nursing as the thunder and lightning pounded overhead. I don't think Miriam was scared in the least. Brave little lady. Every night we sit in the old chair just rockin' back and fourth. She curls up right underneath my chin and my lips kiss her fuzzy, soft hair. So peaceful I sometimes doze right on off with her.

Cousin Lauren is going to have her baby any minute now. In fact, she had a false alarm early this morning. The hospital sent her back home. Darn! Curiosity is killing the cat and I'm so anxious for babies arrival. She and Nicole paid us a visit to check out all the baby business over here. They cracked me up. Miriam showed her how she sleeps and eats and screams. Just making sure she knows what she's in for. I rubbed Lauren's big belly. I kinda miss mine. Hard to believe there was a baby inside there 3 weeks ago. That blows my mind really.


  1. oh, you cuzzins are in for some good times together!

  2. it was so great to hear from you!! reminded me to check this fabulous blog of yours! harley is a good buddy- how is YOUR big buddy?? i love seeing miriam's photos- she is gorgeous!!! and now i can see that lauren delivered too- **awesome**!! congrats to her and yay for miriam and charles to have each other!! love you bunny :) xo