Friday, July 9, 2010

heirloom tomatoes

While Miriam was napping and listening to some Ray Lamontagne in the kitchen, I snuck outside for a stroll. Just needed to stretch my legs and a storm is about to roll through so the breeze felt amazing. Plus I wanted to peek at mom's tomatoes. She planted some heirlooms and they're just starting to grow. Some mean ole caterpillars invaded earlier this week, but looks like they are outta here after getting "the spray". The nerve of them trying to crunch on our tomatoes. I mean really. That first bite is supposed to be ours.
In the mean time, our friend Libby Page dropped off some of her garden heirlooms for us to munch on. They look mighty strange, like they're from outer space, but I bet they're delish! I keep telling Miriam she looks like a little tomato when she gets all red and mad in the face. Not very becoming my darling.
Now the rain is upon us so I'm off to get a little cat nap in before the princess awakes. Wish me luck and happy weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely the best tasting tomatoes ever!