Monday, July 26, 2010

the nursing diaries

5 pm on Saturday and I was still in my pajamas. Hadn't showered or combed my hair and definitely hadn't left the house. It had been a long night, but the baby wasn't the only trouble maker. I had mastitis. I alternated between the chills and the sweats all night. No fun at all. Thankfully, I called my doctor pretty early and was able to get a prescription quickly so I am now on the mend.

Whew, this nursing thing can be tough. The first week I was so sore I'd cringe when it came time to nurse. Some days I feel tied to a chair with my boppy pillow watching the clock, but on the other days it's all groovy. A woman's body is pretty amazing really and I have a new found respect for all mothers going through the nursing/bottle/pumping stage. So what I love are the moments when it all works smoothly. When Miriam is happy and we're both peaced out. I pick her up to burp and her little body is all loosey goosey with her eyes still shut. Sometimes she's a little yogi and does the lotus pose with her legs crossed. She even does these half smiles and pouts her lips. It makes any pain I felt go "poof" into the air like it was never even there.

{Here's the "buddha-baby" stylin' in her yoga pants. Please excuse the chaos on the kitchen counter, but this is an unedited shot on a morning when we were rushing to eat breakfast while she dozed off!}


  1. Adorable!

    I've been breastfeeing for 7.5 weeks and it couldn't be any better... until these past 2 days. He feeds for about 5 minutes and then throws a fit. I don't know what is wrong...but he cries and I cry!