Thursday, July 22, 2010

mouse in the house

Ya know how I've been talking about food lately? Specifically sweets? Well the eating continues because a good friend brought us an amazing dinner. Pot roast and fresh vegetables, plus these scrumptious fig & cheese crostini as an appetizer, and a pie. Not just any pie mind you, but a homemade caramel pie. Get back. It was insanely good and yes that makes two pies in one week. Yikes. People have been ridiculously good to us. I promise to return all the favors one day.

Along with all this indulgence came a little gift. Actually, a little mouse… in a matchbox with her pillow, mattress and blanket. How very Stuart Little! My hunch was she's from abroad and yep, she's made by those clever Brits. I'm so anxious to get Miriam's room all set up in a couple of weeks and this here mouse will definitely be making the trip with us.


1 comment:

  1. Precious.

    And I made a lemon pie this week... not much left after having it for breakfast each day!