Tuesday, November 10, 2009

burger + fries


My aunt Louise always has the latest scoop on what's new in Nashville. Every time I mention a new spot I've been wanting to try… she's been. Every time. It's amazing really. She does indeed have more energy than most people I know and she is always up for a good time. Always. That's my kind of aunt! So on my last day back home last week, she wanted us to go try a new spot called Gabby's. (us : my aunt, my cousin, my mom & moi.)


It's quite an adventure just to get to this place and you'll go down streets you never knew existed, but it is worth it. The place is small and packed in there, but it's friendly and very lively. We were the only group of ladies - lots of dudes filling up on lunch. Yummy burgers + the best sweet potato fries I've ever had served with kicked-up, homemade ketchup! The burgers are organic, grass fed beef which made me feel slightly better about eating such a sinful meal. It was a good day to wear leggings though because I was stuffed. And I just read that they serve chocolate dipped nutter butters. Umm, excuse me, but why didn't we know this? Good excuse to return I suppose.




  1. oh wow that looks good. headed to nashville this afternoon. i'll have to check it out while i'm there!

  2. yeah do - it's tiny and random, but so yummy! Have a good trip home Mols!