Monday, November 16, 2009

sunday ritual

I love Sundays. I start by taking big buddy outside, looking eagerly for that bright blue plastic bag on my curb. Last weekend it wasn't there.....harumph! I may be in Greenville, South Carolina, but darn it I want to know whats going on in the world. Yes, I could read online, but it's simply not the same. Doesn't the delivery man/woman know that I only get the New York Times on Sunday and that it totally disrupts my morning when they decide to sleep in instead? But yesterday there it was, crammed underneath my tire, looking glorious and thick with plenty of stories ready for me to read.


Another ritual I enjoy is the show, Sunday Morning. I used to think only old people watched and that it was kind of dated looking. After all, their graphics are faded and there's that weird sun image everywhere. Well hello, I must be old and boring now because I'm obsessed with it. This episode included a segment on King Ranch. I'm sure my brother Will, who went to Texas, knows all about this place, but it was news to me. Apparently it's this huge family ranch (they have over 800,000 acres) that has it's hands in all sorts of business ventures, but still is a working farm/ranch that raises horses. Triple Crown winner Assault is even buried here. Anyway, the show is definitely worth tuning in if you don't already.

Trevor was off to campus for a group project and the weather was perfect, so I decided to hang outside all afternoon. I took a quilt, some towels, a drink and the Sunday Times, and headed all the way out to my back yard. They say a little sunshine is good for the soul. It definitely lifts my mood, that's for sure. Coop and I settled in to do a little reading of the Times and even dozed off here and there. I was awoken twice by falling nuts. Our neighborhood has more acorn trees and they have covered the lawns and sidewalks. Good for squirrels.... not so good for napping.


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  1. what a perfect sunday morning!!! you and cooper look sooo relaxed :) miss you bonnie- you doa wonderful job describing your days.