Monday, November 30, 2009

family feast

granddaddy & daughters
Mmmm… I am still dreaming of turkey and dressing after the huge spread we had on Thanksgiving. In fact, we had two hearty meals since we celebrated with my family one night and Trevor's dads side of the family the next day. Whew, there was a lot of good eatin' goin' on. The only thing we were in charge of was green beans, so we got off super easy this year. My young cousins were piling rolls, mac & cheese, and turkey. No vegetables for these taste buds. And one even had a big plop of ketchup next to his turkey… mmm. My little cousin Emily was asked, what she ate for dessert… her reply, "whip cream." Who needs pie anyway when there is cool whip around? The adults picked up the slack and piled high a bit if everything to taste.

jazz hand style

family portrait

The biggest news of the night, though, drum roll please… I wasn't partaking in the booze. Meaning only one thing - yep, I have a bun in the oven! Whoa, that feels weird to say. I've had three months to ponder this, but it still feels surreal. Trevor and I were super excited, though, to share our news with family and some friends over the weekend. It's been such a hard secret to keep (especially for my mother).

After a couple days of family and feasting, we were ready to get out and see some friends. Our first stop was to see the new baby I'd been anxiously waiting to meet. Little Maida was as cute as pie. And maybe it was my hormones, but seeing my friend with her bay felt so amazing and real.


Then it was off to a local pub for a little celebration. It felt so good to share the big news.



Anyway, more to come on the growing belly front. For now, we're just enjoying this time and soaking it all in.


  1. Wooohooooo!!!! Yay, Buns! I am so excited for y'all! How have you been feeling? Will you find out whether it's a boy or girl? This is going to be one blessed, well-loved little bambino. Can't wait to meet him/her and hear about all of your preparations along the way! This explains the many posts that center around food in the past few months! Haha!

  2. Thanks Mols - Now that the cats out of the bag, I can ask you all sorts of burning questions :) We can start commiserating together for sure.

    I feel great actually. Tired more easily and a bit hungrier, but I suppose that's normal. We're not going to find out so a big surprise in the end.

    I hope you are feeling good too. xo

  3. Bonnie I am so excited for you!! Between your schedule and mine I figure it might be awhile until we catch up on the phone, so I dug out your little postcard and thought I would check your blog. CONGRATS. How far along are you? It sounds like you have managed to avoid the nausea/vomiting which is wonderful!! Lucky you!! Are you going to have a shower? I would LOVE some details!! Take care and wish Trevor congrats from us too!

    Love, Carolyn