Tuesday, November 3, 2009

pot pie

Apparently my parents don't believe in heat until December. They have little heaters scattered throughout the house instead. I've been huddled in front of one of these little beauties every night in the kitchen. Mom had a meeting last night and daddy-o does not cook. Actually, he cooks, but only steaks and that's it. So, I was in charge of supper for the fam. We had everything you need for a chicken pot pie. Peas, carrots, chicken, onion and stock. Put it all in a pot and voila. You actually have to go through a lot of steps, but lemme say… it's so worth it on a cold night. Our bellies were full of goodness by the end.

I kind of winged it based on mom's suggestions + I looked at Ina's recipe. In her recipe she makes a whole crust… forget that unless you have a whole lotta time. I used those roll out ones. Parboil the carrots, sauteed the onions + added chicken stock, cream of chicken, bit of cream & spices. Mix it all up and then you've your self a pie!





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