Monday, November 2, 2009

grateful for today


I can not believe it's November already. My, where does the time go and could it be any more beautiful today? The leaves are changing and the sunshine is making all of their colors pop against the blue sky. The hubs is in San Francisco for a conference with school this week. I was going to stay in Gville....but to tell the truth, I was worried I'd be lonely. So, I packed up ole dr. livingston (my car) and headed out. I drove through N Georgia and Monteagle Mountain to Nashville yesterday and the weather made the drive so enjoyable. That, and big buddy dog was quiet as a mouse the whole trip. We stopped twice at rest stops though so he could stretch his legs and nibble on some food since it was past his dinner.


I haven't been back in Nashville even a full day, but I've seen a girl I went to high school with, a friend of my brothers and a reality tv contestant I wish I could say I didn't recognize at the grocery. Man, this is one small town. And after work today, I had 4 fuzzy buddies greet me at the door, ready to enjoy this gorgeous day. Now, it's off to work for my rent - I'm making a chicken pot pie tonight for mums & dad… wish me luck!



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