Monday, November 9, 2009



It's one thing to come home to a dirty house, but this is what I pulled up to Friday evening… a massive construction zone. A couple weeks ago a plumbing service came out because none of our system was working. It quickly turned into a bigger issue than we imagined and our landlord was not a happy camper. Her contractor slacked and put in cheap plumbing. To make a long story short, they've had to basically replace the entire line out to the street line. I knew they'd been working while we were gone, but good gracious - our yard looks like a disaster area, complete with caution tape. The street has two giant holes and the side walk has been ripped up. Jack hammers, a dump truck and a skid loader in front of our house totally add to the quiet vibe of the street. I'm sure our neighbors are oh so happy. So this is what we'll be living with the next couple days. My biggest worry though is all the plants they tore up. We had these fluffy bushes along the side and poor things are all exposed and discarded to the side. I sure hope they survive when they're replanted. Otherwise we'll have even less buffer to weird hermit neighbor!




  1. ugh, that's what our house looked like the week after kate was born. apparently the entire martin family was more than our little plumbing system could take. imagine that!