Wednesday, November 4, 2009

pick a poster


It seems like we're always "borrowing" from the past. Fashion, architecture and especially the design world, all nod to what's been done before. Hey, they created such amazing work, why not? I, for one, love looking at old packaging labels and advertisements. The stacks of post cards and magazines in antique stores. I gather so much inspiration for color palettes and font ideas. My dad sent me this look-book online of beautiful vintage posters for auction. So fun to flip through, not to mention the technology of a digital catalog is super cool.


By far, the coolest vintage poster shop I've been in was in Omnibus Gallery in Aspen. Seriously, their collection is amazing and I wanted to buy everything in site. Forget that nothing was even remotely in my price range, I wanted them all. And most were huge. He had to carefully flip them for us because they're original and delicate. Wouldn't it be fun to have an entire room with these on the wall?? Ahh, a girl can dream.



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