Wednesday, November 18, 2009

recipe for disaster

Just when I thought I might be getting the hang of cooking… bam! I suppose I was getting too cocky and it was time time to remind me I was still very much a novice in the kitchen. Here's what happened.... I had a huge craving for homemade granola bars. So I hopped in my car and arrived at the gross & dirty Bi Lo down the street from my house. I was all set until I realized at the checkout, I'd forgotten my wallet. Typical! So I ran home and drove back to get my things : sliced almonds, butter and parchment paper. finally home, it was time to whip up these delicious treats. So there I was, measuring ingredients and checking the recipe when there was a knock at the door. It was a guy in a ratty t-shirt, jean shorts and of all things, a confederate flag skull cap. Nice. He was looking for yard work. Is this really what you choose to wear when looking for work? Note to self : look out the window before answering the door.

So back to baking. After putting the granola goodness into the oven, I started to clean up. Well a few minutes later I smelled something burning. I opened the oven and was engulfed with smoke. Apparently my substituting wax paper for parchment paper (they didn't carry any at the sketchy store) was not OK. Shoot. I quickly pulled them out and was just going to slide them easily off the paper and back in the dish, when half of the mixture slid right into the dirty sink. Lordy, this was just not my day. After stomping and cursing a bit, the other half went right back in that oven determined to finish. What survived was right tasty, but goodness what a lot of work for a whopping 6 granola bars!


I may have been defeated in the kitchen this time, but I'll still return. Because when a meal turns out great… its such a sense of accomplishment, you can't help but keep trying.


  1. Double note to self, your mum says, "never open the door to a stranger"! I know, I do not even lock my doors, but you are a young woman living in a new city working out of your house. Sooo, heads up next time and keep cooking but, stay safe! xoxo

  2. I know, hubs said the same thing. But isn't it amazing he was wearing a confederate flag on his head?! Ahh, the South.