Wednesday, January 27, 2010

bedroom dilema

Our bedroom is currently in a state of confusion. The curtains are too long, our new bed fills up the entire room, the rug doesn't go, my side tables are hideous, and hubs claims the bedspread from Anthropologie is like one of the tapestries I had in college. Harumph. I'm not a fabulous decorator by any stretch of the means, but I do think I have a pretty decent eye. Which is why it drives me batty to walk in there and feel like nothing works. I have been keeping a file of bedroom images from magazines and blogs and hopefully it will transpire into something glorious. Though I'm secretly hoping that when my mom & aunt Louise {who's an interior designer} come for a visit next month, they will be the ones to turn my mess into greatness. Or at the very least, something presentable… pretty please! We shall see.





images via domino * house beautiful * and unknown (so sorry!)


  1. I love love love the first one - well all of them really. But that first one is Kathy Ireland I think. I have a bedroom dilemma too, but seeing as all the other things I'm tacking in my house these days, that's on the backburner for probably another year or so. I do think I want mostly white bedding, though, with a big old colorful "body pillow" sized pillow stretching all the way across my king sized bed like in that first pic. If only I had a Louise in my life. Send her this way when you're done with her!

  2. Uhm... I will gladly take that bedspread right off your hands!

  3. Love the calming colors and straightforward simple design and they all look so snug and inviting.but made it fresh and modern, with a touch of traditional. Fabulous Bedrooms!!!thanks for sharing.