Friday, January 15, 2010

blackberry farm

I've always been dying to visit Blackberry Farm. So I was tickled to see Sam Beall on the Martha Show this morning, discussing his new cookbook. I drooled over the photography when I flipped through it at the bookstore. And he cooked carrot souffle on the show - that's my aunt Louise's best recipe ever. Sounds a bit odd, but it's amazing. In fact, I'll have to get that recipe from her and share with everyone.

The farm is a family operated Inn on a beautiful farm near the Smokey Mountains. Apparently the cuisine is a main attraction for foodies all over the country, but they also have plenty of outdoor activities and a spa. Sign me up! I also saw a pretty sweet give-away today of some of their food products on this blog : Spice and Sass. I signed right up. If I win, I'll just close my eyes, pretend I'm sitting outside in a rocking chair in East Tennessee and nibble away on some good ole' southern chow chow!



  1. It is my dream to go to Blackberry Farm. They even have a children's program at select times of the year... Gingerbread houses in the winter and cheese making along with wine tasting, a spa- sigh.... The website is an absolute treat for the eyes, too.:) Someday... Lori

  2. Buns - there's a spread on Blackberry Farm in the Feb Southern Living. Check it out. A girl can dream!